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Slitti Chocolate and Coffee

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Slitti, Coffee the Italian Way

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27 April 2015

Caffè Dolce Trieste: Geelong best chocolate and espresso bar!

Caffè Dolce Trieste: Geelong best chocolate and espresso bar! Well, perhaps Aroon hasn't (yet) received plenty of awards for his coffee, but it should! Caffè Dolce Trieste in geelong is an oasis of traditional values in a world of trends and marketing. Here, quality is the king. Starting from the Slitti's artisan coffee and chocolate to the freshly baked cookies and little treats that Aroon's mother, Daria, prepare every day with love. Click here to read the article about Caffè Dolce Triesta published by the Geelong Advertiser. Caffè Dolce Triest...



15 April 2015

Andrea Slitti: about the chocolate (video)

Andrea Slitti: about the chocolate (video) In this video Andrea Slitti talks about the origin of the brand and shows the new laboratory and the production of his amazing chocolate. Listen from the Master's voice the secret of the best chocolate                                 ...



20 October 2014

Opening soon in Geelong: Caffè Dolce Trieste

Opening soon in Geelong: Caffè Dolce Trieste Good coffee and fine Italian chocolate... can you think of a better combination?Caffè Dolce Trieste is a new espresso bar established by the Tremul family in North Geelong, and combines premium Slitti coffee with a range of traditional Italian treats. The espresso bar has a unique style with its furniture made from recycled timber, with plenty of space to sit down and enjoy some artisanal Slitti chocolate or a freschly made italian focaccia or panino.The Tremul family originate from Trieste, which is known a...



09 July 2014

Why our chocolate is better (video)

Why our chocolate is better (video) A video is worth a thousand words... well, it isn't exactly true, but for a change I hope you'll enjoy listening to Andrea Slitti (with English subtitles) and watching some images of the new laboratory in Tuscany with Andrea and the staff preparing some of the fantastic chocolate pralines that you can find here in Australia in our two store in Prahran and Port Fairy....



Girotto, real hot chocolate on a stick!

Girotto real hot chocolate on a stick

An Italian classic: Slitti's hot chocolate on a stick

Ingenious and delicious: just pop these blocks of Slitti's dark or milk chocolate into a mug of steaming milk, and then stir and melt it or just stir a little bit and lick the rest of the chocolate! Whatever your choice, you'll enjoy a heavenly Italian hot chocolate.
Slitti's Chocolate and Coffee And since Andrea is quite a stickler for the best ingredients, he uses only cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and natural vanilla (real vanilla, not the cheap chemical one!), and of course milk for the milk chocolate, with absolutely no soy lecithin.

The Girotto hot chocolate on a stick is of an unsurpassed quality and beautifully packaged.

Slitti's Italian coffee

Slitti Italian Coffee

Whenever you like a perfect espresso or you prefer to enjoy a creamy latte, Italian coffee is the best way to appreciate all the best flavours of this wonderful drink. Slitti's blends have been selected by Daniele Slitti to offer the most demanding gourmets a coffee that enhances all the flavours and aroma.

If you own a cafè and you want to offer your customers a real italian coffe, roasted in Tuscany, contact us.