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Slitti Chocolate and Coffee

Burnt and bitter? No, thank you!
Slitti, Coffee the Italian Way

Would you like to have the best coffee and chocolate exclusively for your cafe'?


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09 July 2014

Why our chocolate is better (video)

Why our chocolate is better (video) A video is worth a thousand words... well, it isn't exactly true, but for a change I hope you'll enjoy listening to Andrea Slitti (with English subtitles) and watching some images of the new laboratory in Tuscany with Andrea and the staff preparing some of the fantastic chocolate pralines that you can find here in Australia in our two store in Prahran and Port Fairy....



01 July 2014

Andrea Slitti, chocolate artist

Andrea Slitti, chocolate artist Being a maitre chocolatier is not just making great chocolate. Making the perfect chocolate is a form of art, of course, that begin with blending various types of cocoa, a perfect temper that makes the chocolate shiny and with a great texture and adding the right amount of flavours like vanilla, coffee or chili.But for Andrea Slitti "chocolate art" has a different meaning altogether: his masterpieces entirely created using only chocolate are stunning and worth of an art gallery rather than a display cabinet in one ...



26 June 2014

The Best of Italy: Slitti - by

The Best of Italy: Slitti - by The food writer Cat Black wrote a delicious article about her visit to the Slitti's factory in Tuscany. Her words describe fully the philosophy of this great maitre chocolatier, and the pictures are quite professional: well done!Here is the link to the blog:



05 June 2014

Slitti Prahran: nearly there...

Slitti Prahran: nearly there... Here we are. The shop is ready, well, almost. Truth is, it will never be ready if you listen to Claudio, a perfectionist choosing every detail of the fit out as well as brewing an espresso.We'll start slow, just to have enough time to smooth any rough patch before a grand opening in a couple of weeks. From Tuesday the 10th of June we'll be most likely open, and we'd love to show you how passionate we are about chocolate and coffee, and how incredible are the Slitti's products.Slitti Chocolate & Coffeeby Officin...



Girotto, real hot chocolate on a stick!

Girotto real hot chocolate on a stick

An Italian classic: Slitti's hot chocolate on a stick

Ingenious and delicious: just pop these blocks of Slitti's dark or milk chocolate into a mug of steaming milk, and then stir and melt it or just stir a little bit and lick the rest of the chocolate! Whatever your choice, you'll enjoy a heavenly Italian hot chocolate.
Slitti's Chocolate and Coffee And since Andrea is quite a stickler for the best ingredients, he uses only cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar and natural vanilla (real vanilla, not the cheap chemical one!), and of course milk for the milk chocolate, with absolutely no soy lecithin.

The Girotto hot chocolate on a stick is of an unsurpassed quality and beautifully packaged.

Slitti's Italian coffee

Slitti Italian Coffee

Whenever you like a perfect espresso or you prefer to enjoy a creamy latte, Italian coffee is the best way to appreciate all the best flavours of this wonderful drink. Slitti's blends have been selected by Daniele Slitti to offer the most demanding gourmets a coffee that enhances all the flavours and aroma.

If you own a cafè and you want to offer your customers a real italian coffe, roasted in Tuscany, contact us.