Slitti's coffee capsules and pads, coming soon!

09 June 2011
Slitti''s coffee capsules and pads, coming soon!
Capsules and pads (or pods) are a new method of brewing coffee, more practical and clean and particularly suitable for offices or cafeterias. What is important is that with coffee capsules or pads everyone is able to brew a perfect espresso, or - with a milk frother - a cappuccino or latte.

We use a standard shape and size for our capsules, so our customers will be able to choose between the Slitti's range of coffee machines or buy another brand, and of course they will not be limited to our coffee capsules, differently from what some of our competitors do. Also, our capsules and pods contain 7 grams of ground coffee, no less, exactly the same standard quantity used in the best cafes in Italy and around the world.

When a capsule is inserted into the coffee machine, the hot water if forced through it. All the used coffee powder remain in the capsule, that can be removed without need to clean anything. Pods are a sort of coffee bag containing pre-tamped ground coffee, individually sealed in a plastic pouch; to make an espresso, you simply remove the pod from the pouch and place it in the espresso machine's pod holder or group handle.

Both systems allow you to have always fresh coffee, since each portion is individually sealed, and the pads and capsules are available in a wide range of gourmet blends and single origin coffees.

As now, we are waiting the first batch of Slitti's espresso coffee machines, and we are checking which one of the machines sold on the Australian market are suitable for our capsules.

Sunbeam, one of Australia's leading home appliance companies, manufacture two differend espresso coffee pods machines: Artista EM5900 and Café Series EM6910.

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