7 grams of coffee, or why you should be careful comparing the cost of coffee beans

01 August 2012
7 grams of coffee, or why you should be careful comparing the cost of coffee beans
I understand, you are not a coffee expert, and you trust what your coffee provider tells you. A little bit of couriosity helps, though, and even a simple search on Google would show you that there are around the world a lot of coffee related business called "7 grams".

Why? Because 7 grams is the exact dose of coffee required to brew a shot of espresso, even if - depending on the coffee, the machine, the grinder, the weather... - you should probably find the perfect dose for you in the range 6.6 to 7.2 grams.

So, why am I telling you this? Because several coffee wholesaler in the New World are pushing baristas and café owners to use 8, 9 or even 10 grams of coffee per shot. Some of them don't even let baristas use a dosed grinder, they just reccommend to "fill the group until is full, and the add some more"! Many also reccommend to not use the single group, but to always use the double group, wasting of course precious coffee when brewing a single shot.

The reason? In my opinion is quite simple: at the end of the day, you'd have used much more coffee. With one kilogram of coffee beans, you should be able to make about 140 shots if you'd use 7 grams, only 100 if you use 10 grams, and in this case the cost per shot you'll pay would be almost 50% more!

Of course if you use a low quality coffee blend, with 7 grams you would probably have a weak and tasteless coffee, another reason why some suggest to use more coffee. But since the pressure of espresso coffee machine is programmed to use 7 grams of coffee, using more powder means that you have to grind it coarser, otherwise the water will stay in contact with coffee for too long, extracting acidity and bitterness. Sound familiar?

Next time, when you are comparing the cost of different coffee brands, check the cost per shot, the only one that really should matter to you. You could discover that you can serve a much better coffee spending less money...

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