Well done! Deniz Karaka takes third place at World Chocolate Masters

30 October 2013
Well done! Deniz Karaka takes third place at World Chocolate Masters
Australian pastry chef Deniz Karaca has obtained a fantastic third place at the 2013 World Chocolate Masters, the highest ever place achieved by Australia in the history of the competition held in Paris every two years. "It’s been a tough road, but I was really excited to get to Paris and show the judges and other contestants what Australia and the Asia-Pacific region has to offer,” says Karaca, executive pastry chef at Epicure's MCG Culinary Centre.

Deniz also won a special award, winning the best ‘decorated globe’. To be able to participate in the finals, Deniz has had a year of qualifying competitions starting with his win at the Australian national event in 2012 and then being crowned the Asia-Pacific master at the regional selection held in Taiwan earlier this year.

The 2013 championships brought together 19 of the world's best patissieres, chocolatiers and chefs with the challenge of creating a new architecture of taste, texture and experience, in which chocolate plays a fundamental role. During the gruelling three-day event, each contestant had to create a chocolate showpiece, a chocolate layered cake, dipped and moulded pralines, a decorated globe and a gastronomic chocolate dessert. Davide Comaschi of Italy took first place in the competition with Marike van Eurden of
the Netherlands coming second.

Paris is the 5th edition of the World Chocolate Masters.

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