Nigella's Italian Christmas with Slitti's chocolate spoons

02 April 2014
Nigella''s Italian Christmas with Slitti''s chocolate spoons
Who doesn't love Nigella? Well, apart from the latest misfortunes, the English celebrity and food writer is certainly one of the most admired and followed foodie.

Since the beginning of her career as a food writer in 1998, with the book "How to eat", she sold more than three million cook books worldwide, and her style is now copied by a new generation of TV chefs.

It's therefore a pleasure to see that Nigella's favourite way to eat ice cream is with Slitti's chocolate spoons, a product that have reached cult status in the world of chocolate.

Invented by Andrea Slitti in 1993, the chocolate spoons have been imitated many times without success, and they remain unsurpassed both for the quality of the chocolate and the artisanal production.

From Nigella: No-churn chestnut ice cream with Slitti's chocolate spoons

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