Andrea Slitti, chocolate artist

01 July 2014
Andrea Slitti, chocolate artist
Being a maitre chocolatier is not just making great chocolate. Making the perfect chocolate is a form of art, of course, that begin with blending various types of cocoa, a perfect temper that makes the chocolate shiny and with a great texture and adding the right amount of flavours like vanilla, coffee or chili.

But for Andrea Slitti "chocolate art" has a different meaning altogether: his masterpieces entirely created using only chocolate are stunning and worth of an art gallery rather than a display cabinet in one of the brand several shops around the world.

Have a look at these few pictures, note the perfection of the details, and imagine how much passion and skills are necessary to create something this beautiful, the same skills applied to make the chocolate bar and the other products sold in our cafes.

PS: yes, the cookies in the first picture are made with chocolate, too!

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