Opening soon in Geelong: Caffè Dolce Trieste

20 October 2014
Opening soon in Geelong: Caffè Dolce Trieste
Good coffee and fine Italian chocolate... can you think of a better combination?

Caffè Dolce Trieste is a new espresso bar established by the Tremul family in North Geelong, and combines premium Slitti coffee with a range of traditional Italian treats. The espresso bar has a unique style with its furniture made from recycled timber, with plenty of space to sit down and enjoy some artisanal Slitti chocolate or a freschly made italian focaccia or panino.

The Tremul family originate from Trieste, which is known as the coffee-roasting capital of the world. The first coffee shops were opened in Trieste during the second half of the eighteenth century, and they immediately took on an unmistakable Viennese connotation in their interior decorations and in the services they offered.

From then on the coffee shops multiplied in number in Trieste, and as time went by the cosmopolitan spirit of the city proposed very differing characteristics, with distinctly political Cafés, Cafés for Austrian officers and top executives, the bourgeoisie Cafés, the businessmen's Cafés, and increasingly numerous were the literary Cafés, where James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba used to go.

The Caffè Dolce Trieste is therefore a perfect fit for the multi cultural suburbs of Geelong. Customers will discover a modern European coffee blend and a warm welcome... expect a "Ciao, buongiorno" on arrival!

Opening soon!

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