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If you own a cafè and you want to offer your customers a real italian coffe, roasted in Tuscany, contact us: we can help you choose your coffee equipment, train your staff and give effective advices that actually helps you to offer the best coffee to your customers

We don't need to keep you tied to unfair contracts, order the coffee that you want, when you want it! NO CONTRACTS, NO MINIMUM ORDER.

Whenever you like a perfect espresso or you prefer to enjoy a creamy latte, Italian coffee is the best way to appreciate all the best flavours of this wonderful drink. Slitti's blends have been selected by Daniele Slitti to offer the most demanding gourmets a coffee that enhances all the flavours and aroma.

Coffee available in whole beans: Pura Arabica, Degustazione, Supremo, Extra Black. These are coffee blends made with selected cofee varieties originating from Brasil, Guatemala, Ethiopia, India, Salvador, Nicaragua and Congo

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Daniele Slitti
Learn more about Daniele Slitti, Coffee Roaster Extraordinaire.

The History of Coffee
The history of coffee, from the discovery in the Middle East to the invention of the "caffettiera espresso".

The Coffee Plant
Coffea Arabica and Robusta coffee plant.

Decaf coffee

The pleasure of coffee withour caffeine

We are so proud of our decaf that we really would like you to try it. Rich, intense, full bodied and with a perfect dark crema, it will help you to attract a large number of customer that cannot drink normal coffee. Slitti's decaf is available in single dose bags of 7 grams each or in beans.

Naturally decaffeinated coffee

Caffeine occurs naturally in more than 60 plants, including the Theobroma cacao tree, which produces the beans that are the primary ingredient in chocolate, and the Thea sinensis plant, whose leaves are used for teas. The process of removing caffeine from coffee beans is known as decaffeination: coffee beans are decaffeinated by softening the beans with water and using a substance to extract the caffeine. Water alone cannot be used because it strips away too much of the flavor. The goal is to extract the caffeine with minimal loss of flavor.

Standard coffee pods

Standard coffee pods Slitti

The standard espresso pod design was created in 1989 as a marketing effort to sell convenience in home espresso preparation. The quality of a cup of espresso is highly subjective, and freshly made espresso is dependent upon the skill of the barista and the maintenance and calibration of the equipment and other factors. Thus, a consumer can often get an inferior cup of espresso from an expensive traditional machine and fresh coffee, if the preparer does not make the espresso properly.

Slitti's range include a large selection of standard coffee pods, from blends to single origin and decaffeinated coffee.

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