Standard Coffee Pods

Standard coffee pods Slitti

The standard espresso pod design was created in 1989 as a marketing effort to sell convenience in home espresso preparation. The quality of a cup of espresso is highly subjective, and freshly made espresso is dependent upon the skill of the barista and the maintenance and calibration of the equipment and other factors. Thus, a consumer can often get an inferior cup of espresso from an expensive traditional machine and fresh coffee, if the preparer does not make the espresso properly.

Why coffee pods are the easier choice for an excellent espresso?

Coffee pod systems are much easier and quicker to use than traditional espresso machines. Using coffee pods eliminate many variables associated with the espresso making process.

  • The coffee is perfectly ground and pressed, with the exact dose: no mess as no dosing, tamping or emptying of coffee grounds;
  • They are easy to use and the results are always consistent;
  • You can use different blends of coffee, without worrying abouth freshness.

Roasted coffee beans are freshly ground and immediately wrapped in a paper pod, then each pod is individually sealed in nitrogen to keep the freshness and flavours.

Many espresso machines can use coffee pods with a special adapter, and even Sunbeam now offer new models of espresso machines for pods, ideal for domestic or office use: Arista 5900 and Café Series Twin Thermo Block EM6910.

The advantages of using coffee pods

  • Simplicity and speed of use
    The correct amount of coffee is already dosed and sealed in the paper, avoiding the need to tip the correct amount of coffee into the filter.
  • Greater cleanliness and hygiene – No waste of coffee
    The absence of ground coffee avoids direct handling of the powder and its natural spillage onto the work surface, around the filter, the jets and the grill at the end of the preparation process. The coffee, already dosed and hermetically sealed in the filter paper, is not subject to being wasted as powdered coffee is during traditional preparation.
  • Less maintenance
    The pod system is naturally hygienic and this reduces the need to clean the espresso machine as often in order to ensure correct working and preserve the coffee’s aroma.
  • Constant quality
    Using pods machines and servings enables you to obtain a coffee that is always top quality and does not rely on the experience of the person preparing it.
  • Freedom of choice and Compatibility
    Using standard pods equipment allows you to chose between the brands of machines and servings on the market.
  • Respect for the environment
    The pod system is ecological: it consists of about 7 grammes of coffee and 0.2 grammes of paper, both natural products that respect the environment.