Daniele Slitti, coffee roaster extraordinaire

Daniele Slitti

Daniele Slitti inherited from his father the culture of coffee and the ability of recognizing and selecting the various varieties originating from all over the world.

Daniele is always researching excellent raw materials and is able to discover special and unique coffee types that enrich his blends. The art of blending coffee or leaving some limited production pure, is a gift that Daniele Slitti exploits to give his customers a good service: in this way, we can serve in our shop Great Coffee varieties such as the very rare "Kopi Luwak", "Jamaica Blue Mountain" or "Hawaii Captain Cook".

A great care is then devoted by Andrea and Daniele to couple Coffee with Chocolate, succeeding in their purpose of enhancing all the aromatic elements of these two products. You accomplish this only if you carry out a careful research and have a great passion.