Coffee wholesale and chocolate wholesale

Dare to be different: treat your customer with the best Italian coffee

We at Slitti believe that quality is the most important thing to run a successful business. And that's what we offer wholesale to café's owners and restaurants. Quality means the best selection of green coffee beans from the producers, and the exceptional roasting skills of Daniele Slitti, who inherited from his father the ability of blending and roasting coffee to produce the best espresso.

But quality also mean that we do not care about contracts and minimum quantity when wholesaling our products: we are happy if your customers are happy, and so will you.

What we offer: coffee

To cafés and restaurants in Victoria we can offer a personalized service, with barista training, help choosing the equipment or maintaining the existing equipment and the certainty that you'll have the best coffee in town.

Our coffee blends

Extra Black
Gran Aroma
Moka Slitti
Gran Blend Slitti
Pure Arabica

Our single origin coffees

Kopi Luwak
Jamaica Blue Mountain
Hawaii Captain Cook
Portorico fino Yauco Selecto
Nepal Everest Supreme
Salvador Pacamara Gigante
Nicaragua Pacamara Gigante
Nepal Everest Supremo
Guatemala Antigua Pastores (Arabica)
S. Domingo Barahona AAA Hispaniola (Arabica)
Etiopia Sidamo (Arabica)
Santos Pergamino sul de Minas (Arabica)
India Plantation Bababudan (Arabica)

Some more information about how it should be an excellent coffee:
Acid free coffee
7 grams of coffee, or why you should be careful comparing the cost of coffee beans

If you are interested in buying wholeasale coffee, email us

What we offer: chocolate

We also offer to cafés and restaurant a wide choice of chocolate couverture in 2 kg bags (discs about 10 grams each) and our exceptional chocolate spread available in the following percentage and flavours:

Couverture Lattenero® 45% kg. 2
Couverture Lattenero® 51% kg. 2
Couverture Lattenero® 62% kg. 2
Couverture Gran cacao 60% kg. 2
Couverture Gran cacao 73% kg. 2
Couverture Gran cacao 82% kg. 2
Gianera spread dark chocolate-hazelnuts kg. 5
Riccosa spread milk chocolate-hazelnuts kg. 5

Lattenero® is an high cocoa content milk chocolate, exclusive from Slitti.
Gianera and Riccosa are chocolate spread made with only cocoa butter, with long shelf life and no need to keep them refrigerated after opening. They are beautiful on crepes and pancakes, on profiterol or other dessert or even on a slice of crunchy baguette.

For more information, email us or register for a wholesale account and pricing.